• Fidget Cube (1/29/2018) - Fidget cube and fidget spinner both serve the purpose of trying to calm people down and helping people with anxiety. I know fidget cube a bit earlier before spinner become a big hit (which i don’t understand why so high for spinners). But anyways, I like cubes better so this posts will be all about … Continue reading
  • Kinder Egg – Ninja Turtles (1/20/2018) - I got a kinder egg set on the last day to celebrate. It was a Valentine set that comes with 4 eggs. The toys are nothing romantic, but i guess the market will speak for themselves. I think the bad guys look more refined. Having that said, the sword of that wolf is actually pretty … Continue reading
  • McDonald’s Squirtle (1/6/2018) - I got this happy meal squirtle a few days ago. Apparently, McDonald is bringing back Pokemon theme again. I am old, but so what? I still like toys. Basically, you get a pokemon figure, a battle card, a collection-set info paper, and a circle squritle info card in the package. I thought the circle card was a sticker, … Continue reading
  • [Drama] Mary Sue & Jack Sue (1/1/2018) - Mary Sue & Jack Sue is a Chinese web drama (mixture of Chinese and Taiwanese actors) that was released on November 17, 2017.  I only watched this show because this apparently is one of the latest work of Jasper Liu! It was depressing that he only appeared for like 3 seconds at the end of the … Continue reading
  • [PC] The Witch’s House (9/6/2014) - Uuu, I can’t believe the true end is actually the bad end. Damn, I didn’t get to enjoy that because I think I’m too cruel… (((bitter haha-ing.. So I was on this (vn?) game called “The Witch’s House”. The story goes something like this. Viola (which is YOU) met a girl/witch/friend named Ellen deep in … Continue reading
  • [iOS] 落櫻散華抄 (5/1/2014) - About Yahoo, a new post on iOS game! Finally have the time to update this site a little bit once the school is over (though it should probably not be like this). Just been lazy a bit lately. So I found this addicted game on a Taiwanese tech site. Unfortunately, the game is in Chinese … Continue reading
  • [Book] No Longer Human: the First Notebook (1/5/2014) - At the age of ten, Yozo couldn’t understand what human are thinking and why people do the things we do. He thinks three meals a day is actually some kind of a ritual instead of really for satisfying our hungers. Because he can’t seem to understand human actions, before he realizes it, he just goes … Continue reading
  • [iOS] ハッピーエンドトリガー (10/3/2013) - Hi iOS gamers! I bumped into this app by chance when I was searching for Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Wikipedia listed iOS platform in the section, but apparently, it’s not in the iTune anywhere (or maybe I’m just not on the right land of the planet). Anyways, I typed in “Trigger Happy” in the AppStore, it … Continue reading
  • [PC] Mad Father (5/3/2013) - OH MY GOD!! I came across this game when I was hanging out at YouTube. I only use it to find cool games, not really watching their walkthough. What’s the fun of that?? Anyways, this is a super awesome one! The storyline was great! Well, since this is a horror genre (maybe not that scary, … Continue reading
  • [iOS] Pig Shot v1.1.4 (4/23/2013) - This is a cute little action game on iphone. You basically just pull the pig in a sling, tilt right and left to dodge or obtain stuff. If you tap the screen and the pig has eaten food, it’ll release gases and boost up the speed for a short period of time. Although the price … Continue reading
  • [PC] SMB Crimson Hours (3/5/2013) - This is a Mario-based game except is super bloody. The characters/monsters are basically the same as what you would expect to see from the Mario game, but this is not for kids. You are controlling a Mario who’s holding a gun and can throw grenade. The monsters (and Mario) normally explode into pieces. The BGM is … Continue reading
  • [iOS] Neptunia / ネプテューヌ – iTouch (2/17/2013) - About This Neptunia app is a derivation (side product) from a PS3 game called “Hyperdimension Neptunia”. The app has two versions (English and Japanese) currently selling in the iTune store. The English version was developed by NIS America and was published just this month!!! (>///<)!  The Japanese version was selling by Idea Factory (which is … Continue reading
  • [PC] Fate/Stay Night (2/6/2013) - Haa- I owe this Type-Moon project a review for a long time. I watched the fate/stay night anime probably more than two years ago, became a huge fan of Saber, and played the visual novel. Apparently, this was the most successful visual novel they ever made. Type-moon was originally is doujin company and, according to … Continue reading
  • [iOS] TapToTrack v2.03 (11/13/2012) - This is an app that helps you keep track of how much you spent easily. You can set “Add expense on startup” on so that every time you open the application, it will automatically show the add expense screen. Otherwise, you can turn it off to add manually by hitting the big circly ‘+’ symbol … Continue reading
  • [iOS] Speed Master v1.1 (11/12/2012) - About: This is an app developed by HAYATO SAITO and I can’t really provide any further info about the developer since it was written in Japanese. However, if you want to check this app out, you can view it from the AppStore. Review: As cool as the title sounds, it really isn’t much of a … Continue reading
  • [iOS] Feeling Note v1.5 on iPod Touch (8/29/2012) - About Feeling Note: This app is developed by guru soft and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. View the App Store for more information. It basically helps you record your current feelings with high security and some cool features. Review: You might or might not find this app useful … Continue reading
  • [iOS] The Economist v2.01 on iPod Touch (7/27/2012) - About the Economist The Economist is a weekly international news and business publication, offering clear reporting, commentary and analysis on world current affairs, business, finance, science and technology, culture, society, media, and the arts. ~ The Economist Newspaper Group Inc. Review Not only does this app holds great articles as described above from the developing … Continue reading
  • [PSP] YS Seven (7/13/2012) - It’s a simple RPG that you basically just running around, hitting ‘X’ button to kill monsters and leveling up. The story was more than touching. Totally recommend playing this game if you love reading plot and less time fighting. Like any other RPG games, besides the main quest, you can complete several small side-line quests … Continue reading