[Book] No Longer Human: the First Notebook

At the age of ten, Yozo couldn’t understand what human are thinking and why people do the things we do. He thinks three meals a day is actually some kind of a ritual instead of really for satisfying our hungers. Because he can’t seem to understand human actions, before he realizes it, he just goes with the flow and takes the role of a clown to conceal his truth self. Regardless of his mischievous behaviours, Yozo is quite a smart kid who always score first in the class even though he is absent a lot due to his sickness.

The masking personality of Yozo was further portrayed by the story when his father asked him what he wanted from Tokyo. He didn’t want anything in despair, but figured that it would be the best if he ask for a mask as his dad wanted him to ask in the situation. Yozo found that everybody lies at some points in life. Although the guests praise his dad for doing a good job, they are talking otherwise behind the dad’s back. Not only the guests, but the servants aren’t being as loyal as they appear in front of the house mistress. He was just mimicking the adults; That is, to put on a fake smile and lie.