Guhhhh~~~ The admin was supposed to build a game using Unity 3D engine, but came across Unity-chan and procrastinated.. Crappy-crap..

Anyways, I probably just made the world hates unity-chan. Whatever, I don’t care anymore because her eyes are not red. Spent three hours on that hand gesture and still ended up with that junk. Really need to pratice drawing fingers or GET BACK TO WORK!



[PC] The Witch’s House

Uuu, I can’t believe the true end is actually the bad end. Damn, I didn’t get to enjoy that because I think I’m too cruel… (((bitter haha-ing..

So I was on this (vn?) game called “The Witch’s House”. The story goes something like this. Viola (which is YOU) met a girl/witch/friend named Ellen deep in a scary forest. Despite the fact that you/Viola was being warned by the bad magic and stuff, Viola nonetheless go visit Ellen all the time. Ellen is a sick girl who can’t play outside due to her body conditions. You/Viola, as a super tender girl, just can’t leave Ellen alone (good lord) and therefore go play at her house everyday. As the story progresses, the relationship between you/Viola and Ellen is getting closer to the point where you two eventually become “the best friends”.

Sigh~ Poor Viola.

And so, one day, Ellen told you/Viola about that how she always dreams to live like a normal girl. She told you that she knows a magic that could swap your/Viola’s body JUST FOR ONE DAY and begs you for her dream to come true. You, as a player, were then given an option to accept or reject the swap. The choice for me was clear: Kick her away and get out of this freaking house!!

Apparently, if you chose the same route as I did, you get a boring ending. Since people on the net kept talking about how twisted this game was, I walked another route on accepting the body switch just to check out. And, CRAPPY-CRAP! The true end is evil! It’s like watching the different torture from corpse party again. And, this is actually where the genre HORROR comes in yelling OAO~

In turns of game controls, it’s just old school Z X C + arrow keys. Kinda like playing Pokemon on GBA, but with a crooked plot. Sound effects are not as cool as mad father, but i guess it’s jumpy enough. Anyways, not a bad way to spend anotherwise boring Friday night ~ ψ(`∇´)ψ

Link –> http://www.vgperson.com/games/witchhouse.htm


sorry, the admin got lazy and is on xournal again…




Nio-chan FTW!!!

OMG~~ Just found this video on Youtube accidentally featuring all the cute scenes that Nio made appearance. Makes me want to rewatch this series again (>\\\<)!! Nio nio nio~~


No title

I can’t express how much I miss SAI. So… the end.

Xournal is really cool at drawing the outline. The pen pressure whatsoever are showing up so freaking nicely. I wish it at least have a fill tool that allows me to color this shit. It just seems so close to be the best drawing tool on linux. I mean it already has supports for layers, paper, and some other goodies.

Instead of colouring in Xournal as the admin did previously, the color was done in GIMP this time and apparently, GIMP has pixelated my baby (GOD WHY?). Oh well, whatever, I think I’m getting blind from all the line connecting and skin color mixing. Now then, it’s my sweet special tea time with Remilia Scarlet (。・`ω´・。)Ψ ~~~ OMG I’m so fucking empty orz…


Should have probably make her eyes more crazy Shinya-ish~






No Title

The admin is back on Linux again.. SAI unfortunately doesn’t support this OS either. Sigh~ Now that Baby-sama (妹妹大人) is temp back, I could really sneak on drawing when the night awakes..

Xournal is a wonderful tool for note taking and possibly outlining on Linux, but it such a pain when it comes to colouring. Highlighter was the only thing I could find as an alternative of colour brushes. Tsk.

Oh well, may the admin shamelessly present you the remilia sisters. It has been a while since I last play with Touhou characters. How nostalgic~ XD


She’s after the pocky just so we’re super clear




Because drawing is fun..

I LOVE SAI ❤ <3. It has to be the best tool ever (until the trial is over)..

RIP Sheele… weepy-weep..