Six Youtubers that Changed My Life

Here are a few people that I really look up to on Youtube. Most of them are life coaches, but regardless of what their careers in real life are, these are the people that I benefited a lot from marathoning around their channels. Most of them are trying to direct you to have the right mindset hence helping you to achieve more in life. I am extremely grateful for them to share their knowledge openly on YouTube. Hope their videos will inspire you as well.

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Buses are not for me

If I want to be rich, I gotta get out of the bus life.

I am just another 9-5 worker that you’ll see everywhere on street. Today was a special sunny day when I got off work a bit early than normal for a seminar in the city. When checking the bus schedule, a once-in-a-life-time bus was coming within 3 minutes, so I thought, why not take that bus to save the walking for the day. And so I boarded.

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Skateboard Brands

Here are a few Skateboard brands that come as top result from Google. I personally only own a zero and an enjoi, but I’ve heard good stuff about Plan B, Element, and Girl. Definitely gonna keep an eye on them, try out in the local skateshop and maybe take a few one home in the future. 😀

How to Ollie

The algorithm is based from Aaron’s detailed instructed video (Aaron used minutes, but I think it’s easier to track the actual count in your head so you know where you’re going):

Step 0: Cruise around and be familiar with your board
Step 1: Pop for 50 times
Step 2: Swipe for 50 times
Step 3: Practice timing jump for 10 times

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Economist – Taking off the training wheels

From Economist site. This short article basically states that 2017 was a good stable year financially; Let’s hope and pray that 2018 will continue and won’t burst the bubble.

sanguine: optimistic

secular stagnation: little or no economic growth in a market-based economy

cyclically: <= this is the hardest word to pronounce; it was something like sai-cli-cli

chary: discreetly careful

volatility: liability to change rapidly and unpredictably