How to Ollie

The algorithm is based from Aaron’s detailed instructed video (Aaron used minutes, but I think it’s easier to track the actual count in your head so you know where you’re going):

Step 0: Cruise around and be familiar with your board
Step 1: Pop for 50 times
Step 2: Swipe for 50 times
Step 3: Practice timing jump for 10 times

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Sapperton – Data-Driven Decision by Translink/Government

The talk was more so centering the questions on how government collect our transportation data and what actions they took upon doing the data analysis. It wasn’t nothing data-driven, but I still learned some interesting thing from that event.

Goals for the Translink/Government

  1. mobility: seamless integration
  2. safety: compact road
  3. affordability and fair price

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Docker Notes

> docker version
> docker info

# Run a new container
> docker run hello-world

# See running and stopped containers
> docker ps
> docker ps -a

> docker pull ubuntu # this pulls the latest version
> docker pull ubuntu:14.04
> docker rmi ubuntu:14.04

# Run image in interactive mode
# The following command enters to ubuntu (image) bash
> docker run -it --name temp ubuntu:latest /bin/bash 

# Don't type <code>exit</code> in the interactive shell because
# it will kill the container as well

&gt;&gt; Ctrl P + Q # to exit interactive shell

# Stop all running instances
# -aq: a is all and q is quietly
&gt; docker stop $(docker ps -aq) 

&gt; docker rm $(docker ps -aq) 

&gt; docker rmi $(docker images -q) 

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Economist – Taking off the training wheels

From Economist site. This short article basically states that 2017 was a good stable year financially; Let’s hope and pray that 2018 will continue and won’t burst the bubble.

sanguine: optimistic

secular stagnation: little or no economic growth in a market-based economy

cyclically: <= this is the hardest word to pronounce; it was something like sai-cli-cli

chary: discreetly careful

volatility: liability to change rapidly and unpredictably

Stop Text and Walk!

Everyone is busy. Life is short. We don’t want to waste more time traveling from one place to another.

To travel from my house to my workplace, I needed to take a bus then transfer to train. Not only does it cost a fortune for the shitty service, it also cost me ~3 hours per day of my life traversing.

To make the matter worse, my bus only comes every 20 minutes and it often got canceled (e.g. cancel due to traffic, cancel due to mechanical issues, etc. They give out every reason imaginable). That’s why even one single second matters. One short second can decide the destiny of my return bus trip be just 20 minutes or 40 fucking plus.

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[Lubuntu] Change Brightness

I’m using Lubuntu 14.04 and I found that you will have to make sure “Power Manager” is running for the brightness fn-keys to work.

To start Power Manager, go to Menu > Preferences > Power Manager

Once this is started, you should be able to adjust screen brightness with fn-keys.

Alternatively, you can read off my other post on autostart power manager so you can adjust your screen brightness without going through all the manual-clicking.