[PC] Mad Father

OH MY GOD!! I came across this game when I was hanging out at YouTube. I only use it to find cool games, not really watching their walkthough. What’s the fun of that??

Anyways, this is a super awesome one! The storyline was great! Well, since this is a horror genre (maybe not that scary, but some of the “surprise attacks” really got me), it’s got the suspense right from the beginning that totally lured me in. Beside the cool story, the music and sound effects are neat too! The sound of Aya’s (the playable character) walk, ah~ I just can’t get enough of that!

Just a little side note, I really look up to the doctor even though he seemed to be a total freak in the first place. I respect the fact that he wanted to preserve beauty for eternity, so, uh, I found the doll-ending of Aya wasn’t all that disturbing. But, rather, … let’s just say I congrad’t the doctor for having such a beautiful daughter.