[PC] Eternal Senia

Eternal Senia is a pokemon style RPG centering Senia’s journey to find her non-blood related sister, Magaleta. Not much to say about the gameplay. You basically just walk around and battle as many random stuff as you can to level up and collect items to upgrade weapons.

Check it out on Steam

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Fidget Cube

Fidget cube and fidget spinner both serve the purpose of trying to calm people down and helping people with anxiety. I know fidget cube a bit earlier before spinner become a big hit (which i don’t understand why so high for spinners). But anyways, I like cubes better so this posts will be all about the cubes.

So I got two cubes. The yellow one was about $6.99 from Amazon and the red one is $2 from Dollarama. I got the red one just for fun coz I wanted to see if I was scammed for 6.99 for the golden one. And, I wasn’t. It was more expensive for reasons. The quality of this thing is quite speakable for itself:

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McDonald’s Squirtle

I got this happy meal squirtle a few days ago. Apparently, McDonald is bringing back Pokemon theme again. I am old, but so what? I still like toys.

Basically, you get a pokemon figure, a battle card, a collection-set info paper, and a circle squritle info card in the package. I thought the circle card was a sticker, but it wasn’t 😦

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[Drama] Mary Sue & Jack Sue

Mary Sue & Jack Sue is a Chinese web drama (mixture of Chinese and Taiwanese actors) that was released on November 17, 2017.  I only watched this show because this apparently is one of the latest work of Jasper Liu! It was depressing that he only appeared for like 3 seconds at the end of the first episode though. Having that I said, I found myself more-so stuck into the storyline, eagerly to find out what was going to happen in the next episode.

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[PC] The Witch’s House

Uuu, I can’t believe the true end is actually the bad end. Damn, I didn’t get to enjoy that because I think I’m too cruel… (((bitter haha-ing..

So I was on this (vn?) game called “The Witch’s House”. The story goes something like this. Viola (which is YOU) met a girl/witch/friend named Ellen deep in a scary forest. Despite the fact that you/Viola was being warned by the bad magic and stuff, Viola nonetheless go visit Ellen all the time. Ellen is a sick girl who can’t play outside due to her body conditions. You/Viola, as a super tender girl, just can’t leave Ellen alone (good lord) and therefore go play at her house everyday. As the story progresses, the relationship between you/Viola and Ellen is getting closer to the point where you two eventually become “the best friends”.

Sigh~ Poor Viola.

And so, one day, Ellen told you/Viola about that how she always dreams to live like a normal girl. She told you that she knows a magic that could swap your/Viola’s body JUST FOR ONE DAY and begs you for her dream to come true. You, as a player, were then given an option to accept or reject the swap. The choice for me was clear: Kick her away and get out of this freaking house!!

Apparently, if you chose the same route as I did, you get a boring ending. Since people on the net kept talking about how twisted this game was, I walked another route on accepting the body switch just to check out. And, CRAPPY-CRAP! The true end is evil! It’s like watching the different torture from corpse party again. And, this is actually where the genre HORROR comes in yelling OAO~

In turns of game controls, it’s just old school Z X C + arrow keys. Kinda like playing Pokemon on GBA, but with a crooked plot. Sound effects are not as cool as mad father, but i guess it’s jumpy enough. Anyways, not a bad way to spend anotherwise boring Friday night ~ ψ(`∇´)ψ

Link –> http://www.vgperson.com/games/witchhouse.htm


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[Movie] Roomate

Even though they said it’s a horror movie, it actually isn’t as scary at all! (not as bad as the other games I played 😛 ). No really bloody scenes or jumpy moments, which is kinda depressing~ I would just call it suspense…

The story line is actually kinda cool. It’s about personality splits and “some good stuff”. I was surprised that I wasn’t being spoiled to the ending even after reading so many reviews from different threads. The movie runs for a little bit less than two hours, so yeah, I will leave it for you to check it out~ 😀