[Book] One Minute Manager

I just finished reading one minute manager. Unlike other self-development books that present a central idea and discuss points in paragraphs, the audience of this book basically absorbing the new management system by following the journey of a young active learner. It’s as if I was reading a fictional book.

Near the end of the book, I found this little conversation rather interesting:

“I like you, young man,” the manager said. “How would you like to go to work here?”

The young man put down his notebook and stared in amazement. “You mean go to work for you?” he asked enthusiastically.

“No. I mean go to work for yourself like the other people in my department. Nobody ever really works for anybody else. I just help people work better and in the process they benefit our organization.”

It’s similar to a saying that “I have no allies/friends; I only happened to work/play with people that share the same goals/interests as me.” Okay, maybe not exactly that, but the manager’s answer clearly says that he is here to help you grow, not bossing you. 😀

Here’s the central idea of how this management system work:

It was a fun read. Definitely go check it out!!

[Anime] Comic Girls

Summary Just another slice of life anime that centres four high school mangakas’ story in dorm
Episodes 12
Air run Spring 2018
Audio ★★★★★
I really like the voice casts of this anime a lot!! ED is ok-nice, but I always skip OP. (love these two casts: 大西沙織, 本渡楓)
Graphics ★★★★☆
Story ★★★★☆
This is a bit hard to rate because it doesn’t really have a central storyline (as all slice-of-life anime). It does serve the purpose of relaxing in front of the screen and there were moments. The beginning was a bit cliche and slow, but it turns out to be one of the series I enjoyed the most during the season, so I’m just gonna leave it with a good rating

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Fidget Cube

Fidget cube and fidget spinner both serve the purpose of trying to calm people down and helping people with anxiety. I know fidget cube a bit earlier before spinner become a big hit (which i don’t understand why so high for spinners). But anyways, I like cubes better so this posts will be all about the cubes.

So I got two cubes. The yellow one was about $6.99 from Amazon and the red one is $2 from Dollarama. I got the red one just for fun coz I wanted to see if I was scammed for 6.99 for the golden one. And, I wasn’t. It was more expensive for reasons. The quality of this thing is quite speakable for itself:

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McDonald’s Squirtle

I got this happy meal squirtle a few days ago. Apparently, McDonald is bringing back Pokemon theme again. I am old, but so what? I still like toys.

Basically, you get a pokemon figure, a battle card, a collection-set info paper, and a circle squritle info card in the package. I thought the circle card was a sticker, but it wasn’t 😦

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[Drama] Mary Sue & Jack Sue

Mary Sue & Jack Sue is a Chinese web drama (mixture of Chinese and Taiwanese actors) that was released on November 17, 2017.  I only watched this show because this apparently is one of the latest work of Jasper Liu! It was depressing that he only appeared for like 3 seconds at the end of the first episode though. Having that I said, I found myself more-so stuck into the storyline, eagerly to find out what was going to happen in the next episode.

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