[PC] The Witch’s House

Uuu, I can’t believe the true end is actually the bad end. Damn, I didn’t get to enjoy that because I think I’m too cruel… (((bitter haha-ing..

So I was on this (vn?) game called “The Witch’s House”. The story goes something like this. Viola (which is YOU) met a girl/witch/friend named Ellen deep in a scary forest. Despite the fact that you/Viola was being warned by the bad magic and stuff, Viola nonetheless go visit Ellen all the time. Ellen is a sick girl who can’t play outside due to her body conditions. You/Viola, as a super tender girl, just can’t leave Ellen alone (good lord) and therefore go play at her house everyday. As the story progresses, the relationship between you/Viola and Ellen is getting closer to the point where you two eventually become “the best friends”.

Sigh~ Poor Viola.

And so, one day, Ellen told you/Viola about that how she always dreams to live like a normal girl. She told you that she knows a magic that could swap your/Viola’s body JUST FOR ONE DAY and begs you for her dream to come true. You, as a player, were then given an option to accept or reject the swap. The choice for me was clear: Kick her away and get out of this freaking house!!

Apparently, if you chose the same route as I did, you get a boring ending. Since people on the net kept talking about how twisted this game was, I walked another route on accepting the body switch just to check out. And, CRAPPY-CRAP! The true end is evil! It’s like watching the different torture from corpse party again. And, this is actually where the genre HORROR comes in yelling OAO~

In turns of game controls, it’s just old school Z X C + arrow keys. Kinda like playing Pokemon on GBA, but with a crooked plot. Sound effects are not as cool as mad father, but i guess it’s jumpy enough. Anyways, not a bad way to spend anotherwise boring Friday night ~ ψ(`∇´)ψ

Link –> http://www.vgperson.com/games/witchhouse.htm


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[iOS] 落櫻散華抄

Yahoo, a new post on iOS game! Finally have the time to update this site a little bit once the school is over (though it should probably not be like this). Just been lazy a bit lately. So I found this addicted game on a Taiwanese tech site. Unfortunately, the game is in Chinese only and has location restriction (Taiwan). For this, I especially created a new iTune account to walk around this annoying “feature”. Okay, enough of the jibbery-jab, this app is developed by HaGame and link to iTune is here so check it out if you are interested.

To give you an overview about what this is about, well, think of it as Farmville or other datin.. social sims where instead of growing crops, you are trying to collect cards. You have certain amount of energy to work, study, and fight. You need certain amount of knowledge (study) to be able to get paid in a higher wage. You need to work to level up your cards for fighting monster cards. Not a really exciting game, just pressing various buttons. The button pressing is not as intense as Farmville though. Like those games, if you feel your energy ran out too fast, you can purchase some crystal for fast replenishment. Having that said, the price of those crystal is super expensive. I can’t believe some members in my guild actually went and spent money on surreal stuff like this..


RP Card Game
Like traditional RPG, they have some storyline going on. I usually just glimpse through it coz I just don’t think I have all the time to read the vocab that I don’t understand (hehe). It always give me a headache when the options show up because this game doesn’t seem to have a save point. Sigh~ now I’m definitely walking into the rich’s girl’s route orz.. Getting back, there are also various events that the developer put up everyday. It’s more or less a short side story that I use to boost up my level. You can also go out dates with some female characters walking around the campus using the dating energy.[though nothing really good, the three characters that I have now are 1)arrogant ojou-sama, 2)bookworm prez, and 3)fake-ish childish girl. (Sorry, fan club people)]. I was expecting more of a tsundere chara or at least a Yamato Nadeshiko type.. Guh, off-topic (>///<)”. Anyways, from the gist of the storyline, the other two are probably not something that I will be looking forward to.


Even though the main heroine are not very fascinating, some of the cards are super tasty (=q=). For example, there are the S-nee-san and the M-imouto (>v<)! They also have some servant/celebrity/singer cards. Since it is impossible to list all of them, I’ll leave you to explore more :D! Gya!


 Things That I don’t like..

Some irritating things about online games. First, internet is required. It didn’t really bother me that much until I looked at the size of the app. It unbelievably taken 1.1Gb on my device. I mean, come on~ I know it may be because people could easily cheat by changing the time zone issue and that’s why they need to check the central time with the server. But if I’m in some wifi-less area, this is basically one huge crap..

The second thing is the starting time of this app. The first time took FOREVER. It was more or less reasonable since they are downloading resources for graphic or sound or other loading performance, but 1 minutes every time it launches? Guh~ Just annoying. I wonder if they may be secretly stealing my data or something. Why does it take so freaking long to load~~~


And that’s what this ojou-sama said. Wait, what kind of logic is this??  (=A=)


[Book] No Longer Human: the First Notebook

At the age of ten, Yozo couldn’t understand what human are thinking and why people do the things we do. He thinks three meals a day is actually some kind of a ritual instead of really for satisfying our hungers. Because he can’t seem to understand human actions, before he realizes it, he just goes with the flow and takes the role of a clown to conceal his truth self. Regardless of his mischievous behaviours, Yozo is quite a smart kid who always score first in the class even though he is absent a lot due to his sickness.

The masking personality of Yozo was further portrayed by the story when his father asked him what he wanted from Tokyo. He didn’t want anything in despair, but figured that it would be the best if he ask for a mask as his dad wanted him to ask in the situation. Yozo found that everybody lies at some points in life. Although the guests praise his dad for doing a good job, they are talking otherwise behind the dad’s back. Not only the guests, but the servants aren’t being as loyal as they appear in front of the house mistress. He was just mimicking the adults; That is, to put on a fake smile and lie.

[iOS] ハッピーエンドトリガー

Hi iOS gamers! I bumped into this app by chance when I was searching for Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Wikipedia listed iOS platform in the section, but apparently, it’s not in the iTune anywhere (or maybe I’m just not on the right land of the planet). Anyways, I typed in “Trigger Happy” in the AppStore, it returns this Japanese shooter game which I have no idea what it means. Here’s the official website of the app ハッピーエンドトリガー and the link to iTune if you are interested.


Okay, as mentioned before, this app is about is all 3D girl shooting. The game controls  are simple where you just hit the right and left buttons on the sides and the girl automatically shoot the bullets. There seems to be only one level at the moment (uncertain if it’ll be updated in the near or far future). Not really exciting once you go a round or two.

The graphics looks kinda nice. The girls look good and the insect-ish monsters look disgusting enough, but the environment is a bit too simple. I don’t know, I kinda want to explore the world a bit more instead of standing there statically. Although it isn’t that much of a “WOW” feature, it’s got a close-up gallery of the shooter-chick in 3D with different poses. You can rotate her around with your fingers or just click the auto button. Then again, there is not much to look at.

20140103-195656.jpg 20140103-195641.jpg 

The sound effect isn’t that great either. It’s only got a simple BGM and a little explosive sound, and that’s all for the sound. It should have some girl scream something when the ultimate weapon is used, or a sound of the final boss bug attacks, or maybe some effects at the end of the victory. Meh.

I suppose that this game is aiming for the achiever type of player. It’s got a high score chart where you can keep up to five players. Personally, I don’t find that useful. After all, I wouldn’t want to lend out my iPod touch to anybody and I don’t think anyone would. The score should have probably kept in a more competitive place such as Game Center.  (yeah I know, my score sucks).


So if you are not big of a fan at sound effects and enjoy the 3D graphics, this is a cute simple game that you might want to check it out for free on ios devices. Good day, people!

[PC] Mad Father

OH MY GOD!! I came across this game when I was hanging out at YouTube. I only use it to find cool games, not really watching their walkthough. What’s the fun of that??

Anyways, this is a super awesome one! The storyline was great! Well, since this is a horror genre (maybe not that scary, but some of the “surprise attacks” really got me), it’s got the suspense right from the beginning that totally lured me in. Beside the cool story, the music and sound effects are neat too! The sound of Aya’s (the playable character) walk, ah~ I just can’t get enough of that!

Just a little side note, I really look up to the doctor even though he seemed to be a total freak in the first place. I respect the fact that he wanted to preserve beauty for eternity, so, uh, I found the doll-ending of Aya wasn’t all that disturbing. But, rather, … let’s just say I congrad’t the doctor for having such a beautiful daughter.

[iOS] Pig Shot v1.1.4

iconThis is a cute little action game on iphone. You basically just pull the pig in a sling, tilt right and left to dodge or obtain stuff. If you tap the screen and the pig has eaten food, it’ll release gases and boost up the speed for a short period of time. Although the price listed on iTune is 0.99 CDN, it often get down to free so watch out if you haven’t download this one already!

This is super addicting that I normally played it till my eyes fell out. jkjk. But, just out of random and looked at the achievements in the game centre, one of them was “PLAYING FOR 2 HOURS”!! I mean, really? 30 minutes is kind of already hurt and I think there is another longer one which I don’t remember. Except the fact that it kind of hurt my eye and made me less physical or sociable and other negative impacts that a game would bring, it’s a great game nonetheless and totally recommend this!! ((not trying to be persuasive at all~ 😉

View in Appstore

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[PC] SMB Crimson Hours

This is a Mario-based game except is super bloody. The characters/monsters are basically the same as what you would expect to see from the Mario game, but this is not for kids. You are controlling a Mario who’s holding a gun and can throw grenade. The monsters (and Mario) normally explode into pieces. The BGM is similar to Mario except it’s in heavy metallic form. Bee-bee-bee-bo-bo-BOOM~


So the story starts with Browser killing Princess Peach. Mario, who came after Browser was gone, took his gun and trying to seek for revenge. The control keys are ‘z’, ‘x’ and the arrow keys. I often got them mixed up because the first game that I played used ‘z’ as jump and ‘x’ to attack. I forgot what it was, but it was on a GB-emulator.. Anyways, the following is the control keys that you should be familiar with the game:

  • X: jump
  • Z: shoot
  • ↓ + Z : throw grenade


Below is a gameplay video by some awesome guy. This will probably give you a good idea on what this game is about. There is a little note though, because this is a fan-made game, there exist some little bugs (such as you might be trapped between tubes and never able to jump out of it) which are kind of annoying. So be careful!