[Drama] Mary Sue & Jack Sue

Mary Sue & Jack Sue is a Chinese web drama (mixture of Chinese and Taiwanese actors) that was released on November 17, 2017.  I only watched this show because this apparently is one of the latest work of Jasper Liu! It was depressing that he only appeared for like 3 seconds at the end of the first episode though. Having that I said, I found myself more-so stuck into the storyline, eagerly to find out what was going to happen in the next episode.

The ending of the story is not bad. The professor helped all of them out, solved their issues and cleared those misunderstandings. However, I wish they could have more episodes dedicated to the side characters. I want to know more about that Tang-tang dude and that Lychee girl’s thereafter.

I wish that they could show the scenes as well instead of directly leap to a next one. For example, there are often scenes where the characters are talking about the having meal, but the meal parts were skipped. When the characters appeared on screen again, they already finished eating it and were summarizing the meal in their conversation. It might have something to do with the budget, but I think the transition might be able to be handled more gracefully.

Overall, i guess it’s an ok show. 3/5 stars maybe. Jasper Liu makes the whole video worthwhile.