Fidget Cube

Fidget cube and fidget spinner both serve the purpose of trying to calm people down and helping people with anxiety. I know fidget cube a bit earlier before spinner become a big hit (which i don’t understand why so high for spinners). But anyways, I like cubes better so this posts will be all about the cubes.

So I got two cubes. The yellow one was about $6.99 from Amazon and the red one is $2 from Dollarama. I got the red one just for fun coz I wanted to see if I was scammed for 6.99 for the golden one. And, I wasn’t. It was more expensive for reasons. The quality of this thing is quite speakable for itself:

The package of the two products is already at a different level when we compare it side-by-side. Let’s look more closely to the 6-faces of the cube:


So let’s look at the 5-dot face first. The yellow one is made of rubbers and each dot is a standalone press button. Red version is made with one poor plated plastic that when you press one button, all 5 dots are pressed down.


The rolling face contains a ball and 3 spinner thing. Both the cube has this face rolling pretty smoothing, but the ball is actually pressable on the yellow one.


Flip on the yellow cube is more depth visible and only has on and off state. The red one seems to have on, off, and an extra flat state.


Both cubes spin fine, but as you can see from the pic, the red spinner is a bit loose.


The joystick for the red one is barely movable because the pin was too short to have it move around. 😦



I was trying really hard to make it visible in the picture. The breathing area of the red is too shadow to feel anything, but the yellow one is definitely decent enough.


Definitely not going to buy stuff from Dollarama again unless it’s not against your wish of appearing cheap. It wasn’t $1 anyways so just don’t! 😥