[iOS] Speed Master v1.1


This is an app developed by HAYATO SAITO and I can’t really provide any further info about the developer since it was written in Japanese. However, if you want to check this app out, you can view it from the AppStore.


As cool as the title sounds, it really isn’t much of a game if I may say. You are given two option for this: Time and Score. In the “Time Attack” mode, you are trying to tap 25 yellow boxes in the shortest time possible. And, as you may have already figured it out, in the “Score Battle” mode, you want to tap as many yellow boxes as quickly as possible in the given 15 seconds. It becomes kind of very boring after a few tries, but it’s probably good for future gaming references. I mean the use of colour and arrangements of objects makes this game looks kind of neat, though may not be the most exciting. I think it may be better if the developer can somehow connect the high score to the game center to make it more competitive instead of saves the scores locally.

Yeah~ think this is it. Not much to note.

20121111-194105.jpg 20121111-194145.jpg20121111-194115.jpg 20121111-194138.jpg20121111-194131.jpg 20121111-194151.jpg
==== Home Screen =======================================================  Time Attack Mode ==================================================== Score Battle Mode ================================================ High Score Screen ====