[PC] The Witch’s House

Uuu, I can’t believe the true end is actually the bad end. Damn, I didn’t get to enjoy that because I think I’m too cruel… (((bitter haha-ing..

So I was on this (vn?) game called “The Witch’s House”. The story goes something like this. Viola (which is YOU) met a girl/witch/friend named Ellen deep in a scary forest. Despite the fact that you/Viola was being warned by the bad magic and stuff, Viola nonetheless go visit Ellen all the time. Ellen is a sick girl who can’t play outside due to her body conditions. You/Viola, as a super tender girl, just can’t leave Ellen alone (good lord) and therefore go play at her house everyday. As the story progresses, the relationship between you/Viola and Ellen is getting closer to the point where you two eventually become “the best friends”.

Sigh~ Poor Viola.

And so, one day, Ellen told you/Viola about that how she always dreams to live like a normal girl. She told you that she knows a magic that could swap your/Viola’s body JUST FOR ONE DAY and begs you for her dream to come true. You, as a player, were then given an option to accept or reject the swap. The choice for me was clear: Kick her away and get out of this freaking house!!

Apparently, if you chose the same route as I did, you get a boring ending. Since people on the net kept talking about how twisted this game was, I walked another route on accepting the body switch just to check out. And, CRAPPY-CRAP! The true end is evil! It’s like watching the different torture from corpse party again. And, this is actually where the genre HORROR comes in yelling OAO~

In turns of game controls, it’s just old school Z X C + arrow keys. Kinda like playing Pokemon on GBA, but with a crooked plot. Sound effects are not as cool as mad father, but i guess it’s jumpy enough. Anyways, not a bad way to spend anotherwise boring Friday night ~ ψ(`∇´)ψ

Link –> http://www.vgperson.com/games/witchhouse.htm


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