Android Task Manager – Settings

Phew~ It’s been another long time since the last update again. Real life sucks.

Anyways, the admin has now added a setting page for the control of this little task manager thing. The settings were saved with SharedPreferences, which stores only the username. The other two buttons are for future implementation, which are probably coming pretty soon (i hope).

Aside from that, the admin has got rid of the back button from Log page and slightly modified the layout a tiny bit. Known issue on Android 2.3.3, left and top margin does not scale :(. Seems to work pretty well on Kitkat.

In terms of graphical wise, I finally encountered (sweet) tool that supports transparency (it’s not fucking Fotoshop or any other money eater Pros shit). Gonna experience this tool a little more before giving the final judgements. At the moment though, it’s ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Happy happy~



Android Task Manager – Minor fixes

With a little help from nio (haha, surreal chara.. uuu), the admin had fixed up the three issues mentioned in the last post. Regardless, it brings out some other issues. Designing a responsive UI for android is so hard~~~ Too many different screen sizes and operating systems le la!~~ Anyways, below will be what I will be working on next:

  • pop-up keyboard squeezes the screen in background (ref post)
  • save listview position state (ref post)
  • icon and background

The admin kinda decided that the graphics will be nio-centered at the moment for personal use. The release in google store will be other thing though so… yeah. ‘Don’t know if this project will ever get done before the next semester starts~~~

let's brush off with a laugh (。・ω・。)ノ♡

let’s brush off with a laugh (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Android Task Manager – Git Disaster

Git has messed the admin a big time~~~  I was doing something wrong while branching the master that it wipes my latest versions. The update and delete features were completely fucked up. Not to mention that screen animations as well as some UI layouts were flushed down the toilet too. SCREW IT ALL @#$%~ (>”<)

At any case, after redoing the same shit stuff for about an hour, the delete and update features are back now. While I’m at it, I’ll forget about the interface once again and work on the following functionality crap cracks:

git id: 65c62a617c402446c652c234c69048699217944c

  • point to the newest task after created. <- Done
  • show keyboard automatically while add dialog poops out<- Done
  • nio-chan’s message (time-based) <- Done

Nio-chan~~ Grant me some power~~

nio_icon   icon_nio1
^ These were supposed to be the icon of the application~~ I was crazy all afternoon that I only drew partial head (for crying out loud, why the hell did I do that??). Since the hair was cut and the hand was out of position, nobody can probably tell who this bitch is. Sigh~ With this one out of the question for icon purposes, might as well keep her here to keep me motivated. After all, she IS going to be MY task manager.

I’m too drunk from drinking all that coffee.. (╥﹏╥)” I can’t believe that I came to Nio for comfort. This is depressing~~ “(=Д=)


The current main UI..