[iOS] Pig Shot v1.1.4

iconThis is a cute little action game on iphone. You basically just pull the pig in a sling, tilt right and left to dodge or obtain stuff. If you tap the screen and the pig has eaten food, it’ll release gases and boost up the speed for a short period of time. Although the price listed on iTune is 0.99 CDN, it often get down to free so watch out if you haven’t download this one already!

This is super addicting that I normally played it till my eyes fell out. jkjk. But, just out of random and looked at the achievements in the game centre, one of them was “PLAYING FOR 2 HOURS”!! I mean, really? 30 minutes is kind of already hurt and I think there is another longer one which I don’t remember. Except the fact that it kind of hurt my eye and made me less physical or sociable and other negative impacts that a game would bring, it’s a great game nonetheless and totally recommend this!! ((not trying to be persuasive at all~ 😉

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