5 Mindsets for Living to the Fullest

This post is a note from a video on 5 Hard Lessons You Need to Learn Before 30. I’m not sure why the magic number 30 is there since everyone’s age span varies a bit differently, but anyways, here are the five lessons:

1. There may not be a tomorrow, so enjoy/do it now.

  • Think about what would be the things that you would regret not do if tomorrow were your last day.
  • Your time is limited and you don’t have forever, so do what you want to and do what you enjoy right now.

2. You’ve got nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

  • Give it your all. You are born to win, so do what winners do

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How to Frontside Powerslide

This is a one of skills that helps you slow down stylishly. This post is going to focus on frontside only because it’s easier than backside. And personally, i think frontside looks more stylish and feels safer. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Pre-requisite: Riding in high speed

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Three ways to get comfortable with success – Dan Lok

  1. Be comfortable with uncomfortable consistently:
    • Act and behave like the rich (or whatever your model is) that give you rich mindset
    • E.g. Take business class instead of economic when going on business trips for boosting confidence
    • E.g. Eat at a higher end restaurant every now and then to taste what your next level would be like
    • Note to self: Need a change of commute to work
  2. Emotional Intensity: Get by your first success.
    • First time is the scariest, but after that, it’ll just be cool
    • Try as many things as you can so you can experience the first as many times as possible so you can get used to overcoming first-time fears. However, you have to make sure you reach the level of success of the activity you chose. Reaching success is a change of state which is something that needs to get used to
  3. Get a mentor
    • Having someone who believes you more than yourself to push you go further, harder, faster
    • Maybe some apps from Android can help.. Mentor-bots maybe. I mean, there are already apps out there where some anime girl is watching over you to do push up, sit up and all sort of ups. 


Three body language tips to look more attractive

This note is taken from Charisma on Command’s 3 Body Language Tips to Instantly Look More Attractive

1. T-rex arm
The body is too stiff and not moving much. Be more expansive and expressive. Loosen the muscles a bit and do expansive gestures.

2. Seeking behaviour
Don’t look out for more interesting stuff from afar. Be engaged with whoever that’s nearby. The fun is where you’re at.

3. Step out and break the group line
I’ll just let the video explain this one since this is more than a body language and requires some courage.

4. Smile
He included this extra one in the last minute, so technically four.

Six Mindsets that make you more Magnetic

This note is taken from Charima on Command’s 6 Mindsets That Will Make You Magnetic (Animated). Watch it when you have a chance.

1. No Matter what, I will be okay.
Just do it! You will be fine even in the worst case scenario.

2. I care about my character than reputations
Stop caring about people’s opinion about you and just be yourself

3. Impeccable honesty and Integrity
Never ever lie! Even if nobody finds out, deep down inside YOU know you are a liar that lies sometimes.

4. You do not need to convince anyone of any particular beliefs
You never need anyone to do anything. You simply ask. If they don’t like what’s being asked, don’t try to convince them. You accept or filter them out of your life.

5. Start communicating your purpose more proactively
Find what your purpose and passion and spread it out to the world

6. Start going first
It usually signifies bravery. Be vulnerable. People always remember the first person that does it. It’s okay, no matter what, you will be okay.

When should you change your skateboard deck?

You should change it when your board gets too soggy or has pressure cracks! If you are into tricks, soggy board (with possibly razor tail) means you won’t have good high ollies because the board can no longer pop up very well. The performance of every single pop trick will be affected. Also, if you notice any pressure cracks near or in between the trucks, you should replace it for safety concerns.

Everyday use for cruising is fine as long as the board is still in one piece. Soggy or not won’t matter much in this case. To see if your board is too soggy for tricks, try tapping the tail to the ground and listen to the sound. Soggy boards have a staler sound while good-conditioned ones sound more snappy and crispy.

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