[PC] SMB Crimson Hours

This is a Mario-based game except is super bloody. The characters/monsters are basically the same as what you would expect to see from the Mario game, but this is not for kids. You are controlling a Mario who’s holding a gun and can throw grenade. The monsters (and Mario) normally explode into pieces. The BGM is similar to Mario except it’s in heavy metallic form. Bee-bee-bee-bo-bo-BOOM~


So the story starts with Browser killing Princess Peach. Mario, who came after Browser was gone, took his gun and trying to seek for revenge. The control keys are ‘z’, ‘x’ and the arrow keys. I often got them mixed up because the first game that I played used ‘z’ as jump and ‘x’ to attack. I forgot what it was, but it was on a GB-emulator.. Anyways, the following is the control keys that you should be familiar with the game:

  • X: jump
  • Z: shoot
  • ↓ + Z : throw grenade


Below is a gameplay video by some awesome guy. This will probably give you a good idea on what this game is about. There is a little note though, because this is a fan-made game, there exist some little bugs (such as you might be trapped between tubes and never able to jump out of it) which are kind of annoying. So be careful!