[iOS] The Economist v2.01 on iPod Touch

About the Economist

The Economist is a weekly international news and business publication, offering clear reporting, commentary and analysis on world current affairs, business, finance, science and technology, culture, society, media, and the arts.

~ The Economist Newspaper Group Inc.


Not only does this app holds great articles as described above from the developing website, it also has excellent user interface and wonderful audio feature. They give out 5 free articles (editor’s highlight) per week with the audio of a real native speaker. You have to purchase for the rest of the contents. However, 5 is more than enough for me since I found the materials are kind of deep to understand.

When you enter the app, it’ll first take you to the library where you browse the issues. I have to say, it’s kind of fun to swipe the cover around with the fingers. Ok, maybe not that “fun”, interesting then?

When you are in the reading mode, you are provided with the options that allow you to change the environment to your personal preferences. You can read in white background with black font, or black background with white font, you can increase/decrease the font size, and you can lock the current orientation. Also, there is this audio feature that a man/woman reads word for word in the article for you (in, of course, British accent). This is really nice!

In the setting menu, you can choose to turn on/off the auto download for each of the text and audio version so that you don’t have to download manually for offline reading. To save your device’s memory, they limited the audio version to 4 issues, but it’s unlimited for text. Thumb up for reading without Wi-fi turned on!

Below is some screenshots just to give you some overview of the app. You can download it and have fun for yourself while it is still free! Good day, people ~

20120727-111547.jpg 20120727-111616.jpg 20120727-111634.jpg 20120727-111652.jpg 20120727-111704.jpg 20120727-111722.jpg 20120727-111749.jpg20120727-111804.jpg