Android Task Manager – Theme

Since it’s already been decided (for the time beings) that the manger will be nio, the theme color is automatically (or not) set to yellow. And so, the current screens look something like the following (and yes, the girl on the right is a temp sub):

 5 6

Call me thief or whatever you want, but I will make something like below my ultimate icon for the app. Maybe I should reference the source. Don’t click on this link unless you want to see how poorly this sketch is drawn.

guh, i suck at drawing..

guh, i suck at paper drawing.. look so evil~~~

On a little side note, the keyboard pop-up squeeze issues has been temporarily dropped for being fixed coz the admin’s emulator is not showing the soft keyboard at all. Otherwise, things are coming kinda nicely along the way~~ (´ з`).。o♡

Cheers for the day~