Android Task Manager – Settings

Phew~ It’s been another long time since the last update again. Real life sucks.

Anyways, the admin has now added a setting page for the control of this little task manager thing. The settings were saved with SharedPreferences, which stores only the username. The other two buttons are for future implementation, which are probably coming pretty soon (i hope).

Aside from that, the admin has got rid of the back button from Log page and slightly modified the layout a tiny bit. Known issue on Android 2.3.3, left and top margin does not scale :(. Seems to work pretty well on Kitkat.

In terms of graphical wise, I finally encountered (sweet) tool that supports transparency (it’s not fucking Fotoshop or any other money eater Pros shit). Gonna experience this tool a little more before giving the final judgements. At the moment though, it’s ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Happy happy~