How to clean a kettle (a guide from salton)

My parents just recently bought me this kettle from Costco. I was told that keeping water boiling for days could be potentially bad for health, so I guess I was downgraded to older age technology and just boil as I go. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyways, this kettle actually comes with a cleaning guide for first-time use, but it wasn’t broken down detail enough that I wasted 500mL of vinegar. So today’s post will be a detailed breakdown slash(/) amendment of their guide.

There are three parts to cleaning this:

Part one: it’s all about the vinegar…

  1. Fill 1L of [filtered] water and boiled it (the guide said tap water, but I preferred filtered)
  2. Add 500mL of vinegar and let it stand for at least an hour or overnight
  3. Discard the water when it’s time

Part two: goodbye vinegar…

  1. Fill [filtered] water to max (again, the guide said tap water, but filtered is better)
  2. Discard it and repeat until the vinegar smell is gone (5-times for me)

Part three: it’s just water…

  1. Fill [filtered] water to max (same from part 2)
  2. Boil it
  3. Discard it and I repeated this 2 times just to be safe

And now…

It should be ready for use!

It’s time to enjoy that morning cup of coffee. Good job everyone!