Display a list of posts in WordPress.com

To embed a list of posts in WordPress.com, display-posts shortcode is the way to generate this list. While WordPress.com already have a great documentation for this shortcode, I am going to highlight some extremely useful ones and add some notes to them:

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How to show posts with text widget when on certain category in WordPress.com

So you may or may not notice from my site that there is a text widget that lists all the posts if you are reading certain posts that belong to a category. It doesn’t show up on all pages. For example:

Notice that the text widget on the left doesn’t appear on every page. The widget only showed up because the post currently belongs to that category.

Here’s how you set it with 5 simple steps!

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How to Embed Youku Videos to WordPress

First, you wanna copy the html code from youku’s share function:

<embed src="http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XNDYwMTEzMTY0/v.swf" allowFullScreen="true" quality="high" width="480" height="400" align="middle" allowScriptAccess="always" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed>

Then, take the url and convert to the following:

[gigya src="http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XNDYwMTEzMTY0/v.swf" allowFullScreen="true" quality="high" width="480" height="400" allowScriptAccess="always" ]

You can change the width and height as well as the other attributes

Source: justpi’s solution

WordPress Clock Widget

Since this is a little cool thing on WordPress, I just thought maybe I should make a note for myself and share with you guys out there who are interested on putting a clock on your sites. I figured that I need it because I procrastinate too much and produced too many half-ass projects… GOD~ Not like a clock on the website will help, but.. it’s cool.

This is just a list of clocks that I kind of like. Use google to search up more if the ones below doesn’t satisfy your taste. Here we go!


[gigya src="http://www.widgipedia.com/widgets/Flash2nd/Portal-Analog-Clock-5412-8192_134217728.widget" width="200" height="200" quality="high" wmode="transparent"]
[gigya src="http://www.widgipedia.com/widgets/Flash2nd/Deep-Blue-Clock-5414-8192_134217728.widget" width="200" height="200" quality="high" wmode="transparent"]
[gigya src="http://www.widgipedia.com/widgets/jeanphi/globe-clock-4205-8192_134217728.widget" width="200" height="200" quality="high" bgcolor="#afc0d4" wmode="opaque"]
[gigya src="http://www.widgipedia.com/widgets/jeanphi/papillon-clock-2_-4055-8192_134217728.widget" width="200" height="200" bgcolor="#ffffff" wmode="opaque" quality="high"]
[gigya src="http://widgia.com/widgets/butterflyclock2/butterflyclock2.swf" quality="high" width="200" height="200" ]


[gigya src="http://stuff.freeflashtoys.com/swf/digit.swf?myc=37030" width="250" height="84" quality="high" wmode="transparent"]
[gigya src="http://widgia.com/widgets/flip_clock/flip-clock.swf" width="250" height="120" wmode="transparent"]
[gigya src="http://widgia.com/widgets/toolshell/flash_clock.swf" width="250" height="250" quality="high"]
[gigya src="http://widgia.com/widgets/vista_clock/vista_clock.swf" width="250" height="200" quality="high" wmode="transparent"]
[gigya src="http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg294/wafpaf/clocks/swf/digitaldatetime2.swf" width="250" height="120" quality="high"]
[gigya src="http://widgia.com/widgets/welcome_time/welcome.swf" width="400" height="150" quality="high"]
[gigya src="http://flash-clocks.com/free-flash-clocks-blog-topics/free-flash-clock-42.swf" width="300" height="200" wmode="transparent"]