Apple Pineapple

Some random PPAP comment from YouTube… (from Ryan Higa’s video actually… not even related to the video content lol)

(•_•) 🖊
<)  )╯  i have a pen
/   \

🍎<(  (> I have an 
   /   \       apple

~ (   ) ~  uh!
  /    \

(•_•)    🖊
<)  )- 🍎 apple pen
/   \

 <(  (>🖊 i have a 
  /   \         pen

  _   🍍
<)  ) i have pineapple 
/   \ 

 (  (>  uh!
 /   \

(•_•) 🍍🖊
<)  )/ pineapple pen 
/   \ 

 (  (>  apple pen
  /   \

  _  🍍🖊
<)  ) pineapple pen 
/   \

 (  (>  uh!
  /   \

 ( . )   pen-pineapple-apple-pen
 /   \



Export Bookmark on Chromebook

1. Right Click on the bookmark bar on Chrome and Select Bookmark Manager from the dropdown

Screenshot 2018-02-04 at 11.42.48

2. Click on the 3 dot organize option

Screenshot 2018-02-04 at 11.43.28


3. Select Export Bookmarks option

Screenshot 2018-02-04 at 11.44.08

4. Download and save the exported file 😀

Fidget Cube

Fidget cube and fidget spinner both serve the purpose of trying to calm people down and helping people with anxiety. I know fidget cube a bit earlier before spinner become a big hit (which i don’t understand why so high for spinners). But anyways, I like cubes better so this posts will be all about the cubes.

So I got two cubes. The yellow one was about $6.99 from Amazon and the red one is $2 from Dollarama. I got the red one just for fun coz I wanted to see if I was scammed for 6.99 for the golden one. And, I wasn’t. It was more expensive for reasons. The quality of this thing is quite speakable for itself:

The package of the two products is already at a different level when we compare it side-by-side. Let’s look more closely to the 6-faces of the cube:


So let’s look at the 5-dot face first. The yellow one is made of rubbers and each dot is a standalone press button. Red version is made with one poor plated plastic that when you press one button, all 5 dots are pressed down.


The rolling face contains a ball and 3 spinner thing. Both the cube has this face rolling pretty smoothing, but the ball is actually pressable on the yellow one.


Flip on the yellow cube is more depth visible and only has on and off state. The red one seems to have on, off, and an extra flat state.


Both cubes spin fine, but as you can see from the pic, the red spinner is a bit loose.


The joystick for the red one is barely movable because the pin was too short to have it move around. 😦



I was trying really hard to make it visible in the picture. The breathing area of the red is too shadow to feel anything, but the yellow one is definitely decent enough.


Definitely not going to buy stuff from Dollarama again unless it’s not against your wish of appearing cheap. It wasn’t $1 anyways so just don’t! 😥

Kinder Egg – Ninja Turtles

I got a kinder egg set on the last day to celebrate. It was a Valentine set that comes with 4 eggs. The toys are nothing romantic, but i guess the market will speak for themselves.

I think the bad guys look more refined. Having that said, the sword of that wolf is actually pretty neat! It doesn’t come out in the pic very well, but I tried my best with my poor camera to take another shot…

A few more pics of the egg. Yes, I was eating it with Doritos. Salty and sweet blends well together xD. Speed fat gaining 💪

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How to Spend Time on Public Transit

From my house to work, I needed to take 50 min of train-ride and 30-plus min of bus-ride. It roughly takes me about 3 hours a day wasted on traversing for two years. Here are a few things that I tried saving my precious time.

 Enjoy the views 

It’s the same view every day I look out. I especially despise sunny days because the sun is too bright that just directly shine into my eyes. Look outside and let your eyes rest. Pfff, bullshit. I’d be blind if I do that every single day.


I don’t even take a seat on the train because I think it might cause some back problem if you attempt to sleep in a wrong position. Besides, the quality of the nap doesn’t serve any purpose to me. I actually feel more tired when I arrived my station. All that shaking and the unknown stranger beside me couldn’t help me rest assure either. You never know when the train is going to hit the next sudden stop, or if the person beside you is going to grab your bag and run. Don’t sleep on trains!

 Listen to Audiobooks / Music / Radio

This actually doesn’t work for me because the train is too loud. Turning up the volume and listen to something actually cause some aftereffect hearing pain for me. Having that said, they each have their own issues. Radio always lose signal here and there while the train is running. With audiobooks, I often miss out on a sentence or two when it travels through some noisy areas. Same thing with music, I just couldn’t enjoy it to the fullest.

 Play Games

I tried playing Traffic Rider, Rolling Sky, and other games on the train before. It just feels weird and childish. Sometime people will even initiate conversation with you for the games. This is a no for me. Playing games on train attract too many unnecessary eyes.

 Go on to their official social media and start cursing 

This actually helps. I used to go to their twitter and swear at them whenever there’s a delay. The reason for their delay is sometimes rather unreasonable though. Weather and road conditions (e.g. snow, car accidents) are acceptable, but sometimes they would cancel just because the previous bus comes too late. I used to curse them regardless because I found this was a solution to my mood:

  1. I don’t carry the angry mood to the office
  2. I am filing my complaints directly to the right department who could actually do something to improve the service

⭐ Read ebooks / books

Although sending angry messages betters my mood, I found reading books off my phone is making the better use of time. I’ve already wasted so much time traveling, why waste more complaining? Instead, I found reading books actually helps me a lot. Now instead of wasting 3 hours on transit, I was spending 3 hours a day on reading! I would say 2017 has been a great growth for my personal development. Don’t waste more of your precious limited lifetime 😉

Windows 8 – Limited Access over Wifi

I was having an issue connecting internet with Wi-Fi. It was working over Ethernet and could detect wrong password when trying to establish a connection over Wi-Fi. The error that I received was The network connection is limited and here’s how it was fixed for me:

(Note: reset to factory default does not work! I tried. Don’t do that 😥 )

1. Open Control Panel and search for device driver

2. Double click your network adapter

3. Select Driver tab and Disable it

4. Confirm disable.

5. Check your wireless status on the corner should be now gone and no longer have any network available.

6. Once you checked step 5, enable the driver again and reconnect your Wi-Fi.


Hopefully after the reconnection, everything works fine. Souce:

Dealing with Despising Comments in Face

We’ve all been looked down in life before when people don’t understand fully certain actions that we take. Here are a few techniques to confront those feedbacks that meant to bring you down:

1. Ignore and change the topic

If you absolutely do not wish to discuss this topic, force change the topic to something else. It could be something as boring as the weather today. People normally will understand the sub-context and usually won’t persist.

Boo-person: “What can you do as a full-time blogger? Can you even make a living?”
Blogger: “Wow, do you see that nice door over there? Good decorations.”

2. Joke about it and agree verbally with the negative argument

What you do doesn’t really affect them at all. As long as you are certain what you are currently doing is beneficial to YOU (not anybody else), let them think whatever they like. It doesn’t matter.

Boo-person: “What can you do as a full-time blogger? Can you even make a living?”
Blogger: “No, I am poor as duck. Would you care to spare a penny or two for donation?”

3. Try to explain why this is good for you

Explain your action and help them view it from your perspective. This is quite troublesome because, in essence, you are trying to persuade them why this is right for you and not wrong as they envision.

Boo-person: “What can you do as a full-time blogger? Can you even make a living?”
Blogger: “Blogging is my favourite way to share ideas. English is not my first language and people are having a hard time understanding what I am trying to express with my accent. Blogging in a text form, however, overcome my language barrier and allow me to spread my ideas all over the world (except maybe China because their firewall blocks WordPress 😦 ). Regarding your second question, I have another source of income so thank you for your concerns.”

4. “That’s good for you. You live your life, I live mine.”

Just a nicer way to tell them to shut up and walk away when they try to brag you how much better they become and why their path is right.


Note: Sometimes what they said might be closer to the truth though. Be sure to know 100% exactly what you are doing and take full responsibilities for your own actions before rejecting them.

Reference: Check out Charlie’s video if you have a chance. He dives deeper with the examples and stuff 😀