Cross Shield Pendant

Quick review of the necklace:
Stainless Steel Two-Tone Cubic Zirconia Guardian Cross Shield with 24” Curb Chain

Not really sponsoring this necklace, but if anyone came for the review instead of some stupid paragraphs, the pendant just feels a bit heavy to around my neck after a few hours of wearing. Otherwise, it looks great to me (might not apply to you since art is too perspective and both my parents think it’s ugly 🙂 )

Stupid Paragraphs:

I’m not really a jewelry-person. Aside from having a thing for watches ❤, I don’t normally pay attention to necklaces, bracelets, or rings.

Today was different. I sort of made an eye contact with this blue cross shield pendant and decided to own it. Most of my family believes in Buddhism, but luckily my parents and I were not really baptized and not follow them as deeply.

For me, I am not really into Buddhism because one has asked my grandfather to leave the world with Buddha and it ended rather harshly. I would say that I’m more so toward Catholic.

I attended a Catholic kindergarten where they had a statue of Saint Mary standing in the middle of a little waterfall pond (I wish I had a pic). I remember saying prayers upon her and looking at her always calm me down. In the mornings, we walked around a white line and sang some songs in the classroom (lol fun times back in the days). I don’t remember the detail well since it was like 20+ years ago, but I always feel like Saint Mary and Jesus are watching over me from the higher sky above.

Anyways, I got this pendant to keep myself reminded that it’s ok to be different. I don’t have to follow my ancestor’s beliefs if I don’t agree. I don’t have to meet anyone’s expectation if they don’t align with mine. Just because everyone does it, it doesn’t mean that I need to do it as well to be like everyone. The path will be harder, but it’s okay. Because, I’m not alone.