Introduction to GIS for devs

What is GIS?

Basemap and Geocoding

Operation Layer and GIS Services

Visualize Data

Spatial Analysis

Suitability Analysis

GIS Analysis Performance & Network Analysis & Spatial Analysis Solution

GIS and Community


Ref: A good course from Pluralsight

[Book] The Richest Man in Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon is definitely one of the most valuable books that I’ve read. It’s teaching finance through a plot from an ancient historical record. The stories are inspiring and although it’s using dated-English, it’s still fairly easy to grasp. Some quick notes that I’ve taken from this book:

Income distribution:
10% pay yourself first
20% pay off debt (if any)
70% living expanse

Own your home. The book suggests buying your own property because it is treated as an investment. Instead of spending money on rent, own your house and spend the money to pay mortgage as your property might inflate in the future. If it doesn’t, just think of it as you were paying rent. Continue reading

Typescript Basics

Static typing

let name: string; 
let id: number; 
let now: date;


interface IStudent {
    name: string, 
    id: number

// The following will give error coz it's missing id property
let john:IStudent = {
    name: 'John'

// To make the above statement to true, we add optional question 
// mark to id
interface IStudent {
    name: string, 
    id?: number


class Student {
    name: string;
    id: number;
    constructor (name) { = name;

// Equivalent form
class Student {
    constructor (name, id)

// By default, all properties and members are public if not 
// specified. If private members intended, we need to add the 
// keyword
class Student {
    private name: string; 
    private id: number;
    constructor (name, id) { = name; = id;

// Equivalent form
class Student {
    constructor (private name, private id)

let john = new Student ('John', 123)

Cross Shield Pendant

Quick review of the necklace:
Stainless Steel Two-Tone Cubic Zirconia Guardian Cross Shield with 24” Curb Chain

Not really sponsoring this necklace, but if anyone came for the review instead of some stupid paragraphs, the pendant just feels a bit heavy to around my neck after a few hours of wearing. Otherwise, it looks great to me (might not apply to you since art is too perspective and both my parents think it’s ugly 🙂 )

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