WordCamp Vancouver 2018

I missed the opening and keynote and also skipped the after party at a bar because I was just too tired and forgot to bring my driver’s license. Overall, the event was great! Foodies-wise, I had some fruits and 1 cupcake for breakfast, 2 sandwiches for lunch, 1 sprite and 3 cups of coffee throughout the day. Lots of cool swags! I don’t even know how this event was only $25. Some of these talks definitely value more than $25. A lot of thanks all those who made this happened!!

Anyways, here are some of my notes from the session that I’ve attended:

Building Progressive Themes with WP

npm build
npm run generateCert

// Theme dev should pay attention and test `amp-theme`
// because it could break custom style

color: var(--global-font-color); 


  • shortcode
  • content change
  • new editor
  • create a block and can automatically pop the content to every post
    • Atomic blocks -> a plugin
    • page templates

Just enough React

Nothing to note in this session. I should have attended the copyright session instead of this one since copyright is more related to my WordPress journey.

Thrive for Freelancer

  • To be freelancer, one must learn: accounting, marketing, taxes
  • get 30~50% of down payment instead of getting 100% on project completion because customers might delay paying. By requiring paying a few percentage upfront, you as a developer don’t suffer as much from the limited income.
  • monthly invoice
  • Automate as many things as possible:
    • schedule invoice and reminders
    • automatic response email
      • Welcome message
      • Info on how you can help and your business hour
      • Find out about their problem, project, budget, expected deliver time
  • collect payment via subscription –> maintenance fee (web care)
    • backup everyday (off-site) for liability
    • keep clients up-to-date on error or hack or other critical information
  • Analytics: google ads, search words, performance
  • Other applications: buffer, zoho (subscription), harvest (invoice), Hotspot (outsourcing), and.co, WP Elevation
  • Contracts that should address legalize issues

How to Build an Agency

  • People are looking for assets that can help their business, not a website
  • To be a successful freelancer:
    • exceedingly good at promoting and positioning yourself
    • exceedingly good at defining what you do and what you can offer

Level of service-providing:

  1. Training / Course <= Do it yourself
  2. Consulting <= Do with you
  3. Provide Service <= Done for you

Design and Development Collaboration for WP

Nothing to note for this session.

WP as a Marketing Hub

This talk basically centering the question on “How to drive more traffic to your WP site (with WP plugins)”.

  • Broadcast your website through social media
  • Email marketing
  • Retargetting: have ads that direct users to your site
    • WP plugin: PixelYourSite, Pixel Cat, DuracellTomi’s Google Tag Manager
  • SEO & Analysis: YoastSEO

Content Strategy

  • Create a focus
  • Content strategy podcasts
  • Book: contents everywhere
  • Nothing else to note. The presenter talked about the steps, but none of the presented material really applied to my case.

Ref Schedule: yellow = attended

Cheers and WordPress on ~