Six Youtubers that Changed My Life

Here are a few people that I really look up to on Youtube. Most of them are life coaches, but regardless of what their careers in real life are, these are the people that I benefited a lot from marathoning around their channels. Most of them are trying to direct you to have the right mindset hence helping you to achieve more in life. I am extremely grateful for them to share their knowledge openly on YouTube. Hope their videos will inspire you as well.

1. Dan Lok 
He has to be my favourite one right now, so number one on the list. The only aspect I really dislike about him is that he uses profanity a lot. It feels kind of like watching South Park. His Boss in the Bentley series is just awesome. There’s a period of time where I stopped following him because he was teaching relationship and Chinese, but now, the Bentley’s back. If you haven’t already, read his F.U. Money. There’s a lot of cursing, but some of the concepts are important.

The most important lesson I learned from him: Everything is replaceable. Time is not.


2. Stefan James – Project Life Mastery
Stefan is actually the very first youtuber that brought me into the self-development side of youtube. His video on “How to make more money” totally sparked me. Having that said, he doesn’t seem to be focusing so much on Youtube anymore that his videos are kinda degrading. The beginning of his channel feels more sincere and passionate about his topic. Now even he releases new video more often, the talks are basically more or less the same. It’s not as valuable as before, but he was still a great influencer to me.

The most important lesson I learned from him: To earn more money, invest in yourself.


3. Charlie – Charima on Command
While Dan and Stefan teach you how to be rich, Charlie is more focused on how to deal with people psychologically. I like the way he gives out the speech. If you pay attention, Stefan uses a lot of filler words (esp. “you know..”) and this guy barely use any in any of his videos. He might not be a great guy for summarizing and listing points for his video, but hey, you should take your own notes anyways. A cool guy to check out.


4. Alpha M
Alpha is more focused on men styles and behaviours. I actually encountered his first video on searching “How to walk with confidence”. After that video, I kinda just stuck on him. His confidence, humour, and way of speaking are just too attractive to ignore. Definitely, a great model that inspires me a lot. Note that he may be a cool guy for stylish, he may not be the one that you wanna consult for financial advice. His video in a sense very similar to Charlie that helps build your charisma. If I were to put it, Charlie is like a boy and Alpha is a man.. well, i mean, you get the picture.

5. Brendon Burchard
I encountered Brendon’s video from his book on “High Performance Habits” and accidentally found out his channel. I’m not sure what it is, but the way he enunciates words is just so clear. He does own a podcast which I am guessing it’s a skillset that’s been carried over. Many of his topics kinda overlap with other people so I watch a bit less of his in comparison to others. Still a great guide to follow if you’re ever lost.


6. Thomas Frank
I am guessing he is the youngest guy of all who is centering the success in college. However, a lot of his contents are applicable to working life as well. He’s a guy that really invested a lot on equipment. He has podcasting experience definitely provide a different audio experience than other youtubers who talks over tiny mics attached to their shirt. He might be younger, but he’s definitely a guy that has a strong envision on what he is going to do next and knows what he’s talking about. Definitely has a great amount of potential.