Progressive Mastery

This list is taken from Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Habits. This is basically the formula to fully master any skills.

  1. Determine a skill that you want to master
  2. Set specific stretch goals on your path to developing that skill
  3. Attach high levels of emotion and meaning to your journey and your results
  4. Identify the factors critical to success, and develop your strengths in those areas (and fix your weaknesses with equal fervor
  5. Develop visualizations that clearly imagine what success and failure look like.
  6. Schedule challenging practices developed by experts or through careful thought
  7. Measure your progress and get outside feedback
  8. Socialize your learning and efforts by practicing or competing with others
  9. Continue setting higher level goals so that you keep improving
  10. Teach others what you are learning

You truly master the skill only when you are able to teach the others. In order to guide the others, you will push yourself to be better and try to acquire as many sources as possible on this skill so you can provide solutions when questions come up.

Often time, if not always, your skillsets for your full-time job should be at a master/teacher level in order for you to excel in that area. Learn what you need to and share what you learn. 😎

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