How to Get Anything You Want

According to Tony Robbin’s Unlimited Power, the answer is as simple as one word: “Ask”.

The book provides five guidelines for asking intelligently and precisely:

1. Ask specifically
You need to define precisely what you need, why you need it, and when you need it.

2. Ask someone who can help you

3. Create value for the person you’re asking
It’s not just about you and you dream, you should show the person that you are asking how they can benefit from this. In a sense, they are making an investment on you and you need to show that you are the right one.

4. Ask with focused, congruent belief
If you aren’t convinced about what you’re asking, no one else would be. You need to show that you’re sure of what you want, you’re sure you’ll succeed, and you’re sure you will create value for both yourself and the person you’re asking.

5. Ask until you get what you want
Just gotta keep trying till u make it 🙂