Six Mindsets that make you more Magnetic

This note is taken from Charima on Command’s 6 Mindsets That Will Make You Magnetic (Animated). Watch it when you have a chance.

1. No Matter what, I will be okay.
Just do it! You will be fine even in the worst case scenario.

2. I care about my character than reputations
Stop caring about people’s opinion about you and just be yourself

3. Impeccable honesty and Integrity
Never ever lie! Even if nobody finds out, deep down inside YOU know you are a liar that lies sometimes.

4. You do not need to convince anyone of any particular beliefs
You never need anyone to do anything. You simply ask. If they don’t like what’s being asked, don’t try to convince them. You accept or filter them out of your life.

5. Start communicating your purpose more proactively
Find what your purpose and passion and spread it out to the world

6. Start going first
It usually signifies bravery. Be vulnerable. People always remember the first person that does it. It’s okay, no matter what, you will be okay.