How to be a better narrator

I was looking more into how to becoming a better article narrator, but no one seems to be focusing on that. Audiobook narration skills might just well be applicable to context so let’s take a look.

Vocal Attributes

  1. Quality
    • Clarity and control
    • Fabulous voice is nice, but interesting voice is better
    • Be aware of breathing patterns or other vocal noises such as gulping, swallowing
    • Do not end sentences with downward or upward tone all the time
  2. Strength
    • Must be loud enough for the mic to capture the voice including whispering
  3. Stamina
    • Show no audible tiring or any degradation
    • Speak for 30 minutes without dry throat or hurting the throat

Be an Active Listener

  • Listen to audiobook narration and note what you like and dislike. Do the likes and try to avoid the dislikes
  • Listen to your own recording to note down which are good and bad

⭐ Starting the Recording ⭐

  1. Mumble and murmur through the article first; highlight unrecognized words
  2. On the article, research and note down the pronunciation of those unfamiliar words. Don’t guess
  3. Set up the recording environment
    • Sit straight
    • Position your articles to your eye level and look straight (don’t look down to press your voice)
    • Start the mic
  4. Bonus for non-fiction: try to narrate with a smile even if the article is shitty. 🙂 Listen for your tone change

Breathing Exercise

  1. Inhale => Count to 10, 15, 20
  2. Inhale => Ahhhhh~~~ (say ah and aim for 18 seconds)

Train the articulate muscles (mouth and tongue)

I don’t recommend doing it in front of a mirror and in an environment that has living human being walking around. But, you can do whatever you want xD

  • Blow your mouth
  • Move your tongue across the gum touch every the tooth from upper right to lower
  • Grim and soop (amazon smile and :x)
  • Channel tongue: wide it and thin it
  • Yawn: right side, left side, both sides
  • La Le Li Lo Lu
  • Talk with tongue sticking out of the mouth