Short-circuit the Fear of Rejection

This is post is a note of Charlie’s video on How To Short-Circuit The Fear Of Rejection. Definitely check his video out if you have the luxury of time.

⭐ Disassociate the rejection ⭐

Find out why you are being rejected. Maybe it’s a skill set that you are currently missing from your workplace for example. Figure it out, learn it and master it! Don’t let that reason be the reason forever.

Broaden your perspective

Don’t focus too much on a particular rejection. For example, we might think that if I don’t get an offer from this Company A, I will be ruined. However, it was never about that Company A. The goal might be to find a job that motivates you every single day, which means, there are Company B and Cs and so forth.

It’s important that you take time to analyze why you weren’t accepted though. Go back to the previous point to disassociate the rejection first, so you won’t make the same mistake in next company or even when you reapply. If you failed this time, it doesn’t mean that you will fail the next one. (;

Success often comes with Luck

This one should be obvious. Maybe the person that you are confronting just wasn’t in the mood or had a bad day that is outside of your control. Hence, be prepared and improve your skillset again to get a higher probability of success.

Stop thinking the negatives

Don’t even think “I will be rejected” in any form in the mind because it will show that you feel/are unworthy of the current state. Instead, just think or say aloud “I got accepted!” even though you might not have been accepted yet. I realized that if I think and act as if I’ve already been accepted, I am more relaxed and less tense in the situation. Both parties will feel more comfortable.