Display a list of posts in Wordpress.com

To embed a list of posts in WordPress.com, display-posts shortcode is the way to generate this list. While WordPress.com already have a great documentation for this shortcode, I am going to highlight some extremely useful ones and add some notes to them:

[display-posts author="your_username"]
This display a list of posts published by given author.
Note: the author attribute is taking username, not the display name

[display-posts category="category_name"]
Display a list of posts belong to certain category(s)
The category name is not case-sensitive, so if you have a category name such as Admin's Log, then category="admin's log" or category="ADMIN'S LoG" works fine too. Notice it accepts special character as well 😉

[display-posts tag="tag_name"]
Display a list posts belong to certain tag(s)
If you want a list with mutiple tag, just add a comma in between: tag = "tag1, tag2"

[display-posts include_excerpt="true"]
Display a list of your posts with a short excerpt

[display-posts include_date="true"]
Display a list of your post name with date => (month/day/year)

[display-posts wrapper="ol"]
Display the list in ordered list
Note: 3 options: uloldiv. => default is ul

[display-posts posts_per_page="20"]
Display a list of posts with 20 items. If this attribute is not specified, the default value is 10
-1 means display all posts; having that said, display-posts has a limit of 100 items, so the following attribute will help

[display-posts offset="20"]
Display a list of posts starting on the 20th item



And of course, you can join these attributes together and have something like:

[display-posts category="category_name" tag="tag_name" posts_per_page="3" include_excerpt="true" include_date="true"]

And I would get:

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To find out more about this shortcode: https://en.support.wordpress.com/display-posts-shortcode/

Have fun with WordPress.com!!