Happiness Ladder

This post is a quick summary of Charlie’s video from Charisma on Command. His happiness ladder composes of 5 components. Going from the bottom up:

Material Objects

It’s human nature to get bored with stuff quickly, so buying a new object often only brings you temporary fulfillment. Many people bought stuff just to show off, but this doesn’t last long and not reliable since you cannot control other people than yourself.


Charlie talks more about this topic as traveling experience. He mentioned that many people travel to post pictures of themselves on Instagram but don’t necessary enjoying the journey. Again, that’s unreliable happiness because you are depending on the feedback from other people. Make sure you do the activities you love.

Growth / Self-Improvements

You should definitely be happier with this one. It makes me less of a shit by seeing the progress I make each and every day. Improving skills means that you will have the ability to accomplish more tasks. Never stop learning!

Connection / Contribution 

Share and give back to the community. This is where you will be getting the likes and thanks.


Be grateful for what you have. It’s not from the video, but I found that keeping a thank-you journal that notes 3 grateful things happened today really brings a smile on the face while composing it. Try it!



Chalie’s vid below. Be happy for yourself and be happy for others 🙂