Remap Resharper shortcut in Visual Studio

The problem for me was when I installed resharper and opened it for the first time, I selected default to Resharper shortcut which I later found that I had to press Ctrl + Shift + N to do the file search instead of traditional Ctrl + T.

Below answer is retrieved from StackOverflow (Not the selected answer, but has most upvotes and works for my case)

  1. Go to Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard -> Press the (RESET) button
  2. Go to ReSharper – > Options -> Keyboard & Menus -> Select the “Visual Studio” scheme -> Press “Apply Scheme”
  3. Press “Save”
  4. Press “CTRL-T”. Since this shortcut is mapped in both VS and Resharper, you will be presented with the “Shortcut Conflict”-window. Here you select “Use ReSharper (Ultimate) command” and make sure to check the box “Apply to all ReSharper (Ultimate) shortscuts”.