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I can’t express how much I miss SAI. So… the end.

Xournal is really cool at drawing the outline. The pen pressure whatsoever are showing up so freaking nicely. I wish it at least have a fill tool that allows me to color this shit. It just seems so close to be the best drawing tool on linux. I mean it already has supports for layers, paper, and some other goodies.

Instead of colouring in Xournal as the admin did previously, the color was done in GIMP this time and apparently, GIMP has pixelated my baby (GOD WHY?). Oh well, whatever, I think I’m getting blind from all the line connecting and skin color mixing. Now then, it’s my sweet special tea time with Remilia Scarlet (。・`ω´・。)Ψ ~~~ OMG I’m so fucking empty orz…


Should have probably make her eyes more crazy Shinya-ish~







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