Android Task Manager – Basic To-do List

The admin has done a bunch of stuff in the past couple of days. 😀 This feeling of accomplishment is unspeakably awesome! Aside from the fact that the UI is getting more and more ugly, here’s what I have right now (in triumphant gold \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/):

  1. Update task item status
    • Allow user to update the check status from UI by clicking anywhere on the listItem (from textbox or the item description, but not delete button )
    • Link status from UI to database (Yay, finally~~!
  2. Added delete task feature
    • Align the button to the right hand side of the screen and fill make the description of task visible
    • Working/linking again with the headaching DB~~ XD
  3. Extract and show only the completed tasks in LogActivity
  4. Added background to splash screen

Still need:

  1. Store the last listView location (instead of going back to the top) every time after the list is updated
  2. Play with the UI more and test on more devices
    • the bottom bar of the emulator binds the view.
    • test landscape view on actual android devices
    • Google android emulator sucks!

3 4

So, what the admin plans to do next is to get rid of “Edit” button (which I currently use it to clear the whole table for debugging purpose only). By getting rid of this button means I’m cutting the feature of allowing the users to reorder the list. After all the struggling with connecting android UI with the database, the admin wants to take a break from working with the linking part. Probably need to add a new column in the table to store the position. At any case, that’s not going to be something coming soon in the first release. =A= (Probably will in version 2 or later if there’s going to be one >_< ).

Another feature that I want is to hide the Delete button. Instead of keeping a bunch of them on screen, I want it to be invisible and show it only when the user swipes the list to the left direction to avoid accident touch. Swiping is cool anyways :P.

I also want to work a little bit on the graphic portion (ie. the icon, background, buttons, and my little manager). Demo is a bit delayed because the current graphic and layout is not very eye soothing, so the admin decided to postpone it. Actually, she’s just shy. Anyways, ta-ta for now~