Android Task Manager – New Task

Now we can add a new task via dialog box. This really isn’t what the admin really wants, but guess just have to leave it like that for the time beings.

The admin also refactored the DB stuff quite a bit because the previous version was really hard to understand. A nicer tutorial on using SQLite is here (Click on this link!! It’s a really great piece. Make this link line longer so it can actually catch people’s attention πŸ˜›). Yeah, it’s because the admin has too few experience on coding these shit that I ran into tons of design issues.

Currently, I’m passing ordinary Strings to ListView. I want to change it to passing the Task object instead so that it contains information on whether the task has been done or not. This means, gonna change a lot of things again (hehe, not really. the admin just lazy). Too troublesome~~

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Having that said, the admin was enjoying *life* too much that i actually forgot (on purpose) to work on this cute project. I can’t believe almost one week has past since the last post. Anyways, ‘will probably do another demo next time when the admin gets the next feature done :3 Please don’t look forward to it.

Shinya's discipline~

Shinya’s discipline~ (removed the finger from the draft because.. inappropriate?)