Android Task Manager – First Demo

A summary of what the admin has right now:

  • Add button is adding something to the listview
  • Switching between logging and main screen is working

It’s just too troublesome to show what it can currently do in screenshots, so let’s just do a quick demo 😀


“Known bugs” (not really, just a progress check):

I want to be able to customize my list item instead of a bunch of “Clicked”.
Yes, it’s coming..

The log screen is empty and wiped the data after returning main
Empty because the admin has not yet linked the data between activities. As for why the ArrayList was wiped, I have no idea. It should have no problem after I replace the ArrayList with the database (or so i hope)..

It’s laggy when switching from main to log view
The admin was passing too much data over, which will hopefully be solved again after the ArrayList is replaced with the database.

The look is ugly and boring
The admin is focusing more on the functionality features than UI design on the current stage. So, these are just placeholder for the time being. 😛

Till next time…