Android Task Manager – Main UI

Guh, broke the rule already. The admin was having war with android SDK and Eclipse. It kept returning an unhandled event loop exception similar to this post on StackOverlow. Tried their solutions and nothing work. It turns out that I just had to remove the whole project from the workspace and then import it back to make the error go away. I’m not really sure what was the cause of this, but it’s either because git relocated the project or the really terrible SAP Hana database conflict. Anyways, things are finally running again ((head explode)).

So with the desired elements on screen, the admin is gonna try to work with the button and add something to the list next. i just figured out how to link buttons with the actions, but still need to look up on how to create a checklist item and the database thing. Bweh~


Empty Main…


A boring splash screen..