Android Task Manager Day 2

What’s Done Today:

  • Activity flow diagram
  • UI mock design (for portrait view)
  • Hello Android App committed (git)
  • dummy Splash Activity implemented

The promised second post 😛 . So, the admin did a little draft on activity flow and mock ui. For this simple app, it will only have 3 screens (for now). Probably will have to do some animation on the splash screen, but i suppose that can be decided later on. The main screen will be handling tasks on adding/removing an item. It doesn’t support multiple lists in the current design, but might in the future (this again XD).  Finally, the log screen will allow the user to see the tasks that have been checked. Admin is not exactly sure if a clear log button should be included but shouldn’t be hard. After all, it’s just one word command from SQL to delete the whole data (the admin’s horrible diary..)


Flow and UI draft

Aside from this messy diagram, the “Hello Android” application is running and the dummy splash activity has been built. The admin will be using a local git repository for revision control. That’s about all for the programming side.

As for the copyright issue, apparently it is illegal to publish doujin under Japan’s law. Wikipedia said that the company normally don’t sue the people at comiket coz the company thought it’s more like advertisement to the real work. Regardless, the admin doesn’t want to deal with the risk so nio-chan will not be on the google play store 😦 .  ‘Might secretly keep a copy though. I suppose I’ll replace her with something else later on.



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