Android Task Manager Project Started!!

Now that it’s summer (has been a summer for a long time for the admin..) and the admin “kinda” ran out of things to do (not supposed to be though.. bad me), i decided to write a small android application targeting Android 4.2 Jellybean on Tablet devices. This is not to discriminate mobiles, it’s only coz the admin is so poor that i could only afford to buy a cheap tablet (Acer Iconia A1-830) for testing. ‘Will probably support it in the future depending on how easy to make it compatible, I don’t know. We’ll see. This is just a proposal XD.

Okay, so what is this app’s gonna do?? Well, as far as “Task Manager” sounds, the app is going to be similar to a regular TO-DO list. It prompts the user for a list of tasks and remind them to come back to check-mark it. To give the users (or just the admin) more motivation on completing the tasks, there will be a “moderator” trying to get you back by trying to request your visit everyday continuously to fill up the “friendship” meter. At different friendship levels, the conversation will be adjusted accordingly~ (ha, the admin’s dark intention.. JK~)

As simple it looks, the admin is not sure when it will be completed. Some challenges including reviewing Android/DB programming (which I totally goofed off with the group coursework), learning to draw better quality stuff (not like the one below but will use it for the time beings), and studying psychology (explanation: the admin lives in a surreal world and have a really hard time dealing with fuc.. funny social issues; therefore there is probably a need for studying human behaviour? =_=”). And so, this will be coming very very very slowly (might give up eventually XD). ((Speaking of giving up in the first post already x_X, admin is weak XD…guh.

To keep myself on track, the admin will try to write a progress report every day (or maybe twice a day). For now, I’ll have a little list just to summarize what my current very basic goals are for this little project.

Goals for First Stage:

  • Activity flow diagram
  • UI mock design (for portrait view)
  • To do list <- probably have to work with DB <- Main Screen
  • Greeting messages <- probably won’t talk
  • BGM <-?

Alright, that’s probably all for today. ‘Will (try to) keep posting tomorrow~


**if there is no copyright issues. have to check with the doujin copyright too… ~_~”