[Lubuntu] Autostart Power Manager

On Lubuntu, Power Manager doesn’t autostart on default for some reasons. ‘Found it kind of annoying to click “Run” every time I restart the system. To change this, we do the following 😀 :

1. Go to Menu > Preferences > Default Application for LXSessions

2. Navigate to Autostart tab, enable the checkbox of Power Manager, and double check that “disable autostart application?” is set to no.


You’re done! Hope this helps!


Side note about my other Power issue (a really minor one…)

After a fresh installation of Lubuntu, the battery status icon was one thing that I found difficult to deal with.

Problem: When I was on battery for the first time, the status icon doesn’t show even when I ran Power Manager. This happen most likely because when I was setting up Lubuntu, I didn’t have my battery included; And after the set up was complete, I restarted the netbook with only the battery. So the system probably didn’t detect my battery device and therefore cannot perform estimation.

Solution: Connect the AC with the battery inserted. It’s as simple as that (but it took me hours asking around forum frantically to figure this out.. orz) It will somehow detect the battery at then.