[Lubuntu] Kingsoft Office

Installation Guide

1. Download the .deb extension file from Kingsoft official website and save the file as kingsoft-office.deb to your desired location

2. Open the terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T), cd to your download location and copy the following:

sudo dpkg -i kingsoft-office.deb

3. You should be able to run the application after.



Change Locale

By default, Kingsoft office is in Chinese locale. We want English!

1. Copy the following into the terminal (note: leafpad is the text editor of my choice):

cd /opt/kingsoft/wps-office/office6/cfgs
sudo leafpad setup.cfg

2. Change UILanguage=2052 to UILanguage=default

3. Save and close the file.


Additional Settings

Just found the advertising homepage kinda annoying. You can change that by tapping Writer > Options > General and Save. At this tab here, we might want to change it to .docx for the default file type and check Start with.. New Document box!


Next time we start up the application, it should take us directly to the working space 😀

Have fun!!