Eclipse: Git Merging Branch to Master

This post is to show to to resolve merge conflict when trying to merge your branch to the master (trunk).

1. Make sure the current pointer is at master.01

2. Right click on the project to be merged. Select Team -> Merge02

3. In the pop up window, double click on the branch you want to merge.03

4. A merge conflict window should jump up. Click OK to continue04

5. Right click on the project with a red mark. Select Team -> Merge Tool05

6. In “Select a Merge Mode” window, select Use HEAD option and hit OK06

7. Edit it in the editor however you want (play around with the options)07

8. Once you decided the conflict is resolved, right click on the red mark file, select Team -> Add to Index08

9. Finally, you should be able to commit the changes and push to the upstream.


Really helpful video: