Windows 7 Starter Iso

Step 1: Download Windows 7 ISO

Step 2: Install USB/DVD Tool

Step 3: Make a Bootable USB (4GB)

  • Insert a USB (back the USB up if necessary)20131206-190827.jpg
  • Run the USB/DVD tool
  • Follow the step with USB/DVD tool and load Windows 7 iso in the dialogue box
  • After USB has been identified, click begin copying button

Step 4: Remove ei.cfg file

  • Replug the USB. View the contents of USB and you should be able to find ei.cfg under source folder. Delete ei.cfg (will then give you the option to select the version of win7 for installation in the following step)

Step 5: Install Windows 7 Starter

  • Insert the USB to the netbook, then restart netbook
  • You should be at the installation page. Click “install now” <- It should still say Professional, but don’t stop here. Continue and you will be taken to the option screen follow up.
  • Then, you will be taken to the page where a list of win7 options are given. Choose Win 7 starter
  • Follow the setup (should be straightfoward)