[iOS] ハッピーエンドトリガー

Hi iOS gamers! I bumped into this app by chance when I was searching for Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Wikipedia listed iOS platform in the section, but apparently, it’s not in the iTune anywhere (or maybe I’m just not on the right land of the planet). Anyways, I typed in “Trigger Happy” in the AppStore, it returns this Japanese shooter game which I have no idea what it means. Here’s the official website of the app ハッピーエンドトリガー and the link to iTune if you are interested.


Okay, as mentioned before, this app is about is all 3D girl shooting. The game controls  are simple where you just hit the right and left buttons on the sides and the girl automatically shoot the bullets. There seems to be only one level at the moment (uncertain if it’ll be updated in the near or far future). Not really exciting once you go a round or two.

The graphics looks kinda nice. The girls look good and the insect-ish monsters look disgusting enough, but the environment is a bit too simple. I don’t know, I kinda want to explore the world a bit more instead of standing there statically. Although it isn’t that much of a “WOW” feature, it’s got a close-up gallery of the shooter-chick in 3D with different poses. You can rotate her around with your fingers or just click the auto button. Then again, there is not much to look at.

20140103-195656.jpg 20140103-195641.jpg 

The sound effect isn’t that great either. It’s only got a simple BGM and a little explosive sound, and that’s all for the sound. It should have some girl scream something when the ultimate weapon is used, or a sound of the final boss bug attacks, or maybe some effects at the end of the victory. Meh.

I suppose that this game is aiming for the achiever type of player. It’s got a high score chart where you can keep up to five players. Personally, I don’t find that useful. After all, I wouldn’t want to lend out my iPod touch to anybody and I don’t think anyone would. The score should have probably kept in a more competitive place such as Game Center.  (yeah I know, my score sucks).


So if you are not big of a fan at sound effects and enjoy the 3D graphics, this is a cute simple game that you might want to check it out for free on ios devices. Good day, people!