M2Q8: Ecosystems

“Ecosystems are the planets life support system – for the human species and all other forms of life” (MEA, 2005). In the light of this statement answer the questions that follow:

  1. What are ecosystem services?
    Ecosystem services are the goods and services that nature provides to better human living.

  2. List the ecosystem services categories and describe them.
    • Provisioning: goods produced by the nature that human takes directly (Food, water)
    • Cultural: emotional and psychological benefits humans obtained from nature (spiritual, educational, recreational)
    • Regulating: processes that reduce the harmful effects of natural processes for human (Climate, flood, disease regulations)
    • Supporting: generation process that supports the other three categories (Photosynthesis, Nutrient cycle, soil formation)

  3. Use the Costanza et all (2006) study used in the lecture to defend the quote from MEA (2005) presented at the beginning of the question.