M2Q6: Silviculture

What is Silviculture? List the major silviculture practices in BC and describe them. Why is the development of novel silviculture practices useful in the context of a changing climate? use the pine beetle epidemic example as part of your answer.

Silviculture is the growing and cultivation of the trees. Practices in BC are: 

  • clearcutting: all or most of the trees in an area are uniformly cut down. It is safe and economically beneficial, but some view this as deforestation.
  • seed-tree: preserve some seed-trees in the area for preserving the ecosystem and regeneration of the kind.
  • shelterwood: trees are removed from a series of cuts, allowing slow regenerations.
  • selection: cut the tree while still maintaining the keeping the age of the species of the trees diverse.

Pine beetles attacks weaker or older trees while speeding up the growing process of younger developing trees. It also kills the commercial trees. With doing too much of the tree cutting, we are losing photosyntheses and therefore leaving more greenhouse gas (CO2)  in the atmosphere that warms the climate. The beetles survives well in warm weather and continue to kill massive trees if continues.