Refer to the figure below and answer the following questions:

  1. The figure shows that Canada has the third largest oil reserves in the world. Where are these reserves located and in what form?
    The oil reserves in Canada lies mainly in Alberta and are found in oil sands in the form of bitumen, which is a heavy form of petroleum.

  2. Explain the concept of EROEI. Provide some typical EROEI along with the fuel type. Provide the source for your data.
    Energy return on investment is the ratio on how much usable energy is obtained and how much energy spent in the process to obtain the usable energy. If EROEI is greater than 1, more usable energy is obtained. Less, otherwise.
    EROEI = quantity of energy supplied / quantity of energy used in the supply process.

  3. What is the EROEI for the fuel extracted in Canada and your source for this number? Is it an issue? Explain.
    According to Murphy and Hall (2010), EROEI for crude oil is 2 to 4 : 1. It is an issue as it cost more for Canada to get their oil.