M2Q4: Carbon Cycle

Draw and explain the global carbon cycle. List all major compartments and fluxes and indicate which compartments are sources and which compartments are sinks. (Use appropriate and well defined units). Describe which compartments are the most influential in the cycle and why.

Global carbon cycle is how the carbon cycle throughout the globe. The major compartments include atmosphere, plants, fossil fuels, soils, and ocean. Fluxes is the movement of the carbon from one compartment to another. Major fluxes including burning fossil fuels, ocean loss and uptake, photosynthesis, soil and plant respiration, and litterfall. 

Carbon source is those components that release more carbon to the other component, which is fossil fuel. Carbon sink is those that absorb more carbon than releasing. Ocean, atmosphere, plants, and soil are examples of the sink.


Ocean is the most influential compartment as cold water absorbing more CO2 than warm water and 70% of Earth’s surface is ocean. The burning of fossil fuels come in second as the human activity of this use is increasing.