M2Q3: Biomes

Refer to the figure presented below and answer the questions that follow:


  1. What does the figure shown above shows? Copy the figure on your answer sheet and label all the missing information.
    The graph shows the relationship between the climate and the development of biomesbiomesA
  2. What classification criteria are used in the figure?
    This graph looks at the temperature and precipitation  so it’s related to the climate. It also look at the vegetation in relation to the climate. So the classification criteria are ‘BIO’ (vegetation) and ‘Climate’.

  3. Based on the classification criteria, what sort of classification would Surrey fall under? Justify your answer by providing adequate values and your source for these values.
    According to the data from weathernetwork (2013), the annual average of precipitation in Surrey is 1354mm = 135.4cm and the average temperature is ranging roughly from 3 to 18 degree Celsius. Surrey, therefore, falls into the category of temperate seasonal forest