[iOS] Neptunia / ネプテューヌ – iTouch


This Neptunia app is a derivation (side product) from a PS3 game called “Hyperdimension Neptunia”. The app has two versions (English and Japanese) currently selling in the iTune store. The English version was developed by NIS America and was published just this month!!! (>///<)!  The Japanese version was selling by Idea Factory (which is probably the same maker as the original game). It’s probably because the English version just up recently that everything from the in-app store is one CDN dollar less from the Japanese version. Meh, just a brutal observation. Personally prefer the original better, but the price… I’m too cheap XD.

Neptunia (Eng. ver) in iTune
ネプテューヌ (Jap. ver) in iTune


Anyways, so you can download the app for free (and ads free), but they expect you to pay for more functions and the price is not cheap. (=o=)!!. In the free version mode, you can only seem to play around with Neptune (this purple character). Although the background will change based on the time you access the app, this free-play character seem to only have 3-lines of sentences to say. It’s pretty limited. The camera function is not included as well, but I don’t think it’s a necessary function. Because I’m a idiot, I spent 4.99 for full version on Noire. She seems to have more to say and more movements. But, hey, if I were the developer and produce this kind of high quality app, I definitely want some reward.. ((There goes my excuse..

As the website say, the app has clock and calendar feature. I don’t know about the calendar since I don’t usually use events from my iTouch. The clock, however, is pretty much useless. If you have “DraClock” app downloaded and experienced the clock function, it’s basically the same. The clock is working, but the alarm is just a girl whispering ONE SINGLE line which probably not very effective when it comes to wake people up. Again, it would probably better if they could shoot some beams and create some explosion sound or something CONTINUOUSLY until the user slide open their device, enter the password, and turn on the app again. Just a little piece of advice. That probably would have ruined the character’s image though.

Also, I wish they have an instruction or help page in the app. I had no idea how it works until I accessed the official NIS webpage on the app. Apparently, you have to open up the app once a day to fill up the heart. According to them, the conversation will change or something. I don’t know yet.

Anyways, like other live2D apps, this is a not a bad app to play with when you are bored. ((I found it quite embarrassing when opening up this app around ppl though.. I will give it 5 out of 5 stars!! Peace people~

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